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Special Announcement  - Sept 18 2015

We believe


1. Health is our basic human right. We are designed from birth to live in  state of complete physical, social and emotional well-being and not merely absent of symptoms. Your body is the vehicle to your physical destiny and the foundation to experience your mind in wholeness and duality of the added valued 6 areas of life, regardless of  sex, color, age or creed (religion).



2. We are a powerful and resourceful self-repairing and self-healing body, intelligently organizing and adapting our cells, tissues and organs to life stressors and experience life through our senses. Medical fact states that our nervous system, controls and co-ordinates this via vital messages including every thought, movement, function, pain and healing. Because of your nervous systems location in the spine, stressors affect the bodys capacity to function and heal and clearly is stated in medical texts as early as 400 BC.  



3. While present and in gratitude, a profound global effect occurs to your body and mind when you experience the process of regular adjustments - to align and maximise mind-body communication, which equips you for the journey of life

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